International reach

Amman, Jordan


We chose Amman for our Sitecore services center because of the abundance of outstanding talent we found when looking for developers. As a thriving tech hub, Amman is a great place to do business. If we needed any more convincing that Amman was the place to be, the constant sunshine and the amazing food sealed the deal. It‘s also pretty awesome that we can take our clients to Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world or the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth when they come to visit! Sometimes known as the ‘Silicon Wadi’, Amman is fast developing its technology sector and contributing to the global tech scene. Away from the usual locations for a tech company, being somewhere a little unexpected gives us the freedom to try something new and embrace innovation. Jordan is a brilliant location for startups. Oasis500, based in Amman, is the regional leader in supporting entrepreneurs in seeing their business ideas come to life. Being in a creative and innovative environment is really important to us and we see developing startups as a fundamental part of this. Jordan hosts about 75% of all Arabic content on the Internet and is ranked number 9 globally in the A.T Kearney Global Services Location index as a location for building software. We love the value that is placed on relationships in Middle Eastern culture and it’s something we work hard to incorporate in how we work with each other and with our clients.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Sitecore Office

Chicago is the home of Tanasuk's US Sitecore office. From our Chicago office we are able to serve the needs of our partners through additional support resources based onshore. While our Sitecore team works with partners globally, the majority of our project work still comes from the US. Being close to our Sitecore clients allows us to increase our support hours and visit a project site when necessary. Tanasuk's global sales and marketing team is based in Chicago. With a thriving tech scene, strong infrastructure, and great talent pool, Chicago is an ideal location for Tanasuk's American operations.

Sitecore Offshoring: done different

We know offshoring doesn’t always have a good reputation. That is why we built our Sitecore team with the goal to provide the same quality of service you would expect from a leading international company but at a lower price. Right from the beginning we were confident we could improve on the typical experience companies have when choosing to outsource their work. Being an offshore company has enabled us to put ourselves in locations with a greater availability and pool of resources than what we found in the US.

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