Software Engineering

Technology is growing at a blinding speed, so are customer expectations. So take your organization to the next level and optimize the customer experience by partnering with Tanasuk’s global network of elite enterprise-level DXP implementers. 

With software engineering outsourcing, organizations of all sizes can focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the expertise of some of the world’s most highly-skilled certified frontend developers, backend .net/server side and MS SQL developers, QA engineers, and UX/UI designers.

  • Tanasuk spans four continents and four time zones
  • We support global businesses in their languages
  • Our teams are available six days a week, 52 weeks a year 
  • Technical front-end skills include React, Angular, Jquery, and JavaScript
  • We are Optimizely engineering and development experts and a Sitecore Platinum partner
  • Tanasuk is a veteran in the MENA region
  • Our Chicago headquarters are ideally located to serve all our U.S. partners

Benefits to outsourcing in software engineering

The recruitment and talent landscape has changed massively over the last 2 years at the same time as the world going more digital. We can help companies adapt and catch up.

Software engineering outsourcing and software development outsourcing bypasses expensive recruitment and training efforts to let you hit the ground running. Each member of your software engineering team is hand-picked to meet your specific needs and to shine in your corporate culture.

Our engineers are among the most highly skilled in the world and come from a wealth of backgrounds. They are a joy to work with, skilled and responsive, easy to communicate with, and available up to six days a week.

Outsource software engineering teams

Software engineering is a team effort. Tanasuk provides seamless team augmentation to help ensure your project is on schedule and on budget. Software development outsources one team member or the entire team. Our skilled professions include:

  • Server-side engineers
  • Front-end developers
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Project managers
  • Software Architects
  • Business analysts
  • Implementers of enterprise DXPs integrated with back-end systems through to customer-facing applications 
  • Sitecore and Optimizely ‘Design & Build’
  • Experts in Headless application engineering – React, Angular, Next.js, Node
  • Optimization implementation - Personalization, Automation, Analytics
  • Composable DXP system integrations - .Net, Node, Azure
  • Team Augmentation and Retained teams
  • Support/Maintenance for Clients looking for Cost-Effectiveness

Software Engineering Outsourcing Services

At Tanasuk, we provide outsourcing in software engineering in four continents. We have offices in the UK, US, Romania, Kenya, Egypt and Jordan. 

While most tech companies are in English-speaking countries, Gartner forecasts that in 2021, IT spending in the MENA region will grow to $171 billion. In fact, because of the region’s rapid digitalization, its IT expansion is expected to outpace areas such as Latin America and Asia.

At Tanasuk, we are veterans of the MENA region and we’re fluent in each of our offices’ native tongues.

Software Engineering: done different

The unique mix of creativity, cultural diversity and technical capability comprise the team at Tanasuk.  Our employees' proficiency and commitment have not gone unrecognized by our many partners and clients. We love what we do. Period.

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