Sitecore Outsourcing

Tanasuk provides outsourced Sitecore developers. Outsourcing technical development requires strong systems and methodologies to ensure both ease in collaboration and quality. We are obsessive about making the outsourcing process work better. We don't believe that quality has to be compromised to deliver great Sitecore projects through outsourcing. In order to do this well, we start with extreme honesty about what we are able to do and what we are not able to do. While we take great measures to minimize the impact of distance and culture on working together successfully, there are still challenges.  We can anticipate these, be honest, and find ways to work around them.  Oftentimes projects need technical resources to be in different geographic locations over the course of the project. We often work with trusted partners who are better able to be onsite for a deployment or client meeting.  

Outsourcing has a certain reputation and associated business risk.  We take that seriously and work closely with you to ease the use of outsourced development. We do this by utilizing relationship managers, insistence on set meetings, use of videoconferencing,  extra layers of oversight, collaboration software, and making it a priority to meet face-to-face as often as possible.  We encourage our clients to come and visit us. By spending time with our Sitecore team we are able to break down many of the cultural communication barriers which greatly improves coordination between resources in different geographies. We like to say that we make outsourcing easy.  

Offshoring: done different

The unique mix of creativity, cultural diversity, and technical capability comprise the team at Tanasuk.  Our employees' proficiency and commitment have not gone unrecognized by our many partners and clients. We love what we do. Period.

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