Sitecore Offshoring

We know offshore software development doesn’t always get a good reputation. Utilizing outsourced resources on a system as complex as Sitecore can be even more daunting.  That is why our goal is to provide the same quality of service you would expect from the leading global Sitecore firms. Based on a long list of positive references from our clients, we think we have pulled it off.  Through the use of daily video calls and collaboration systems, our clients forget that we are half a world away.  Our goal is to build a dedicated team of offshore Sitecore resources that are as easy to work with as the developers sitting in your own office.

Sitecore Offshoring

Tanasuk has been partnering with leading digital agencies and companies using Sitecore to provide technical development services for more than five years. With more than 30 successful Sitecore implementations and counting, I guess you could say that we are Sitecore experts. By choosing to work on only one platform we have been able to get really good at it. We are committed to Sitecore certifying every one of our developers and keeping abreast of all the latest releases and best practices.  We count some of the largest Sitecore partners in both Europe and North America as our long term clients. We are equally comfortable providing resources for large established Sitecore implementers as we are with partners who just have periodic Sitecore development needs. Our systems and processes have been developed over the years through trial and error.  While we are confident in what works and what doesn't in a successful outsourcing engagement, we are also flexible enough to structure each partnership in a way that makes sense for your needs.  

Pricing Philosophy

Tanasuk provides outsourced offshore Sitecore development services.  Here is our pricing philosophy and model.

We provide Sitecore resources in three different ways:

1. Fixed bid projects

2. Hourly Sitecore consulting and development

3. Long term dedicated Sitecore developer retainers

Our clients typically move through all three stages.  Initial engagements are typically small and fixed price.  Once trust is gained we move to a time and materials hourly model.  And in the long term aim for permanent dedicated developers.

While many companies look to outsource to accomplish the lowest price possible, Tanasuk chooses to focus on quality instead.  Our goal is to provide quality on par with what would be expected of any leading Sitecore development firm.  Only after that are we able to take advantage of location dynamics to pass on a lower cost to our clients.  In the end this enables us to provide services at a 1/4 of the bill rate of our counterparts.

The following rate card will give a good overview of our Sitecore resource cost and pricing:

Hourly Sitecore Development and Pricing:

Offshore [from Amman, Jordan]:

Junior Sitecore Developer / Manual Content Migration - $40 per hour

Mid-Level Sitecore Developer - $45 per hour

Senior Sitecore Developer - $50 per hour

Sitecore Architect/PM - $90 per hour

Onshore [from Chicago, IL]

Blended Rate Developer - $150 per hour

Sitecore Architect/PM - $200

Long term dedicated developer commitments [6 months or longer] are discounted.

Solutions for Agencies

Tanasuk loves creative agencies; our founders all come from agency backgrounds. We have chosen to focus solely on Sitecore development, leaving the creative to our agency partners. 

Our unique advantage in the locations of our service centers is Sitecore technical talent. We believe that visual and UI/UX design is often best accomplished in the culture the project is based in. Choosing to focus just on technology has opened up great opportunities for us to partner with creative agencies. They love to build beautiful things, and when it comes to the technology – they just want it to work. We do Sitecore really well and this allows agencies to focus on the work they love doing, and are great at, while we take away their technical headaches.

Additionally we often come alongside creative agencies as technical consulting partners. We work with them early on in a project before a sale is made, to help them make good technical decisions with their clients. This has been a mutually beneficial collaboration, as not only have these agencies sent us technical work, but we have also been able to outsource work back to them. Our reputation in the Middle East has led to us winning large regional projects allowing us to “outsource” the creative work back to our US and European partners leading to really quality work that stands out in our market.

Our strength lies in collaborating effectively with companies whose skill set complements our own. We usually develop 2 or 3 new partnerships every year. By limiting the amount of companies we work with we can develop very close long-term relationships.

One of the challenges of running an offshore company is the time difference between our clients and us. We work hard to make the distance less while still respecting our employee’s need to have a social life. We often work split hours so we can overlap at least 3 or 4 business hours with clients. This means we can talk with them every day. And the plus side of the time difference means we can get work done on collaborative projects while our clients are asleep.

One thing we have found that has improved communication with clients immeasurably is video conferencing. When we first started working with clients we felt disconnected from them and respect, understanding and trust were more difficult to develop. Our business is between people and we need to connect effectively to make it work. We love building relationships across cultures and geographical boundaries and video has really unlocked that for us. So much so that we now have a rule that any call we make with a client will be through video. If our clients don’t want to turn on their video that’s ok but we make it a point to always keep ours switched on. Seeing a human face behind a voice creates a connection that almost feels like we are in the same room. This has transformed our partnerships.

Offshoring: done different

The unique mix of creativity, cultural diversity, and technical capability comprise the Sitecore team at Tanasuk.  Our employees' proficiency and commitment have not gone unrecognized by our many partners and clients. We love what we do. Period.

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