We love working with start-ups. Over the years we have been able to partner with a lot of entrepreneurs and get their idea out onto the market. We love to share our space with startups and love to share our experience in successfully bringing technology startups to market. We bring a “team approach” to finding a technical founder that we find works really well. There are a number of ways this can work: 

  • The start-up sees us as a service provider. They pay us and we build their system. They have capital behind them and hire us to build their start-up for them. This works but we much prefer getting a little deeper through taking equity in the start-ups we work with; having skin in the game leads to us winning together and loosing together. 
  • We become a shareholder. This is our favorite model as it’s more intimate; we get to work together and share in each other’s success. We have invested in a number of different start-ups who have come and pitched their idea to us. We believed in their vision and figured out the right equity shareholder relationship so we could start working together. 
  • We build our own ideas. We are full of ideas and each year we take some of these ideas to a prototype stage, and then find an investor and a team to take it over. Our goal with things we build ourselves is to sell them and get them launched as soon as possible. 

We work with both local Kenyan and Jordanian start-ups as well as European and North American start-ups. Many of our team members have worked with multiple start-ups. We can support them on the technology side of things but also on the consulting side, finding investors, marketing and building a user base. We really enjoy this and want to do it more.

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The unique mix of creativity, cultural diversity, and technical capability comprise the team at Tanasuk.  Our employee’s proficiency and commitment have not gone unrecognized by our many partners and clients.  We love what we do. Period.